Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Got back last night from a ten day trip around the U.S. Jean and I drove out east and visited friends and family during the Thanksgiving holiday. I will sum up our trip in bullet form.

  • Drove from Vegas to Rockford, Il on Friday Nov 23rd.
  • Played Bass guitar for my buddy Ryan at his church on Saturday night the 24th.
  • Ate some awesome deep dish pizza from Sam's
  • Got to record a demo of "Lie In Our Graves" at Jaben Pennell's studio in Rockford.
  • We drove to Rivedale, Mi on Sunday night. Awesome to see the Chicago skyline at night.
  • Had Thanksgiving dinner on Monday night with my entire family. Big Woj couldn't make it, but we didn't have room enough for him anyway.
  • Got to eat some real Kielbasa (Polish Sausage), not that store bought crap.
  • Ate too much Kielbasa
  • My family can cook
  • My brothers and I can make people laugh until they pee their pants.
  • Pretended I was mentally challenged when I met my niece, Holly's, boyfriend
  • Jean and I cut some fire wood for my brother Pat. I cut, Jean stacked. We had a great time.
  • Saw "Quantum of Solace" with my Mom on Thanksgiving.
  • Visited my 98 year old Grandma. She is an awesome woman.
  • My 88 year old Grandpa, can't keep up with his 98 year old wife...lol!
  • Got to hang with my youngest brother, John along with his wife and three daughters. I refer to my nieces as "the Locusts". I'll let you imagine what your house would look like after they left, and you will understand why I call them that.
  • Left Riverdale on Friday the 28th and drove to Taylorsville, Ky. Why? To visit Bud Neal that's why.
  • Met up with our Family Ministry Pastor Ty Neal at his in laws house on Friday night.
  • Ate something called a sweet potato dumpling...it was amazing.
  • Met Angie Neal's family
  • Met Ty Neal's family
  • Met Amanda Parrot's family
  • Jean went to White Castles for the first time
  • Ate too much good food.
  • Left Taylorsville for Vegas on Sunday the 30th.
  • Stopped in Nashville, Tn for Starbucks and got a mug
  • Stopped in Memphis for some real Memphis BBQ. Let's just say "Corky's" is the place.
  • Stopped by Graceland to take some pictures. It was cool to see it decorated for Christmas.
  • Jean had Chick Fil A for the first time in Albuquerque, Nm.
  • Arrived in Vegas at 10pm Dec 1st.
So that is pretty much it. We had a blast.
  • Al

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gone Country...

Well, it looks like I'm gonna sell out for a bit. I'm going to be in a country band for awhile. Yes, I know, I said "Country". I look at it like this, I'm a musician. I play acoustic guitar. I used to be a Garth Brooks impersonator. So it is only a business decision that I am joining a country band..ha ha. I'm in it for the money. Like Cuba Gooding Jr's character in Jerry McGuire said, "Show me the money!" I'm also looking at it as an economic stimulus as well. I will get paid more, so I will spend more, which will mean more products are sold etc, etc. I am helping the economy as well. It is amazing how I'm justifying the whole thing. I am still going to do the Dave Matthews thing, but this will be an added bonus. Plus, I love playing music, period. More to come.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Haunted Hotels

I got to spend yesterday morning with Devin, Ty and Jeremy filming on location in Death Valley Junction at the infamous Armagosa Hotel. This hotel is rumored to be haunted by numerous ghosts. The Mindfreak himself, Chris Angel, did an episode in the hotel a while back and brought the legends to the masses. We did our own filming and will show what we discovered about the Armagosa at Grace Point Sunday morning as we kick off the Urban Legends series. I'm capturing the footage now, and I'll let you guys know if I get anything "weird" during the editing. I feel like Vincent Price.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coke or Pepsi?

I've got to tell you, I'm not a big soda drinker, but Coke Zero Cherry is the best thing to come along since crunchy peanut butter. It just tastes good, and that is a lot to say about a diet drink.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's time to start doing this again. I actually like having an online journal so to speak, because it takes up less space on the book shelf. Also I don't have 6 journals with one entry in each. Most of my adult life has been a pattern of me getting excited about the latest and greatest, then quiting when things got tough. I'm sure has some medical term for this kind of behavior, I call it "Chicken". During my formative years, I developed some kind of twisted though process, and concluded that life should be easy. Relationships should never have to be burdens. People should always like you. If something went wrong, it meant I didn't do something right. I missed a step somewhere and blew it. Or worse, I blamed it on other people or circumstances. Change those people and/or circumstances and "Ta-da", everything would be okay again.

As a Christ follower of 10 years now, I still have that little bent to feel that way about life. What I have learned as a Christian, is that no one gets an easy out. Life is tough and we can't control the stuff that happens to us, we can only control our roll in life. I can remember running out on my first wife and blaming her for all the problems we were having , while I was preparing to move on to wife number two. What kinda crap was that? Looking back, all I needed was to look at myself and realize, "hey dummy life is tough, relationships have problems, work on it!" I didn't have a support system of people I trusted to give me good counsel. I know that the first time I knew God had put a call on my life to be a Worship Leader I thought ministry was cake. I thought you just got in front of people and sang to Jesus. How hard can that be. I guess I liked the "worship" part and not the "leader" part of the ministry. I almost quit. Then God kinda let me know that I was His, not my own anymore. I really felt like I was in the Holy Ghost Maffia. Ya know, I "knew too much", to just be let go. I learned that you can't quit God. He never quits on us, and once you have tasted His goodness, dude, you just have no other options but grab that plow and keep going.

It's hard to believe sometimes that I've been used in ministry this long. I'm not educated in the halls of higher learning. There are no initials following my name other than Sr. A shout out my son, Big Woj, who has Jr. after his name!! I have stayed on the journey and done what my master has asked. I have enjoyed blessings and hardships along the way. I am glad to say that I have not quit. I have wanted to, but in the end, I always remember my life patterns before Christ. My mentor and dear friend Mike Richardson, used to and still does, tell me "Finish strong.". We used to talk about Paul and Joshua who finished strong. Then we would look at those that didn't finish strong, but made some choices that haunted them until the died.

I guess I'm just saying that quiting because things look bad, or maybe because the grass is greener is mentally challenged...okay retarded thinking. I have some close friends who are blowing it with their wives for stupid reasons. It reminds me of me back in the day. I just won't let them screw it up without a fight from me. That's what I needed back then, someone to kick me in the teeth. Bam!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Okay, I've been out for awhile

I'm back. I have missed talking to cyberspace, but I've had to redirect my focus some. As some of you know we at Grace Point have been in a series called "Lifeboat". This storyline is very video driven, so I've spent most of my energies working with Trevor, Devin and Karen, on making sure we are good to go each Sunday. The series was a huge success.

The other reason is I started a Dave Matthews Band tribute band call Dangerous Hours. If you know anything about Dave Matthews, you know that this is a huge challenge. The fans of DMB deserve the best, so we are really busting our butts to deliver to those fans a quality show.

So I'll be in and out of here now and then. Small groups are starting up next week...I'm very excited about that. Nothing better that people getting together and learning about what it means to be a Christ follower.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whatever it takes

This was on my mind today, and has been a topic that I am very passionate about. Do whatever it takes to get it done. I am talking in the context of leading and serving in the local church. I will probably get some flak for my thoughts, but oh well, they are mine.

I rescued from myself in 98, ten years ago, it seems like yesterday. The first thing I felt was freedom. Freedom for guilt, pain, sin, you name it, I was free. I was new, fresh, clean and forgiven. From that point on I abandoned the notion of self and went into service mode. Of course my flesh was still in it's old habits of selfishness and has continued to this very day to thwart my mission. How do I keep killing it? I do what ever it takes to make the kingdom grow. I do what ever it takes to find ways to serve. I do what ever it takes to put first things first. I have let down my family, taken pay cuts, ventured away from the "norm", all in the name of doing whatever it takes.

I will never be, or at least can't imagine it, a person who stands on the sideline and watches things going on. I want to be smack dab in the middle of it. This is why I don't get into watching sports, I want to play not watch. I don't like going to concerts and watch bands. I would rather play music than watch it. Of course I do enjoy seeing live shows, but mostly I get DVD's so I can watch a band over and over, and maybe even steal some licks.

I will always be on the crew at Grace Point, I will always be setting up and tearing down audio and video equipment. I feel a bond with those folks in the trenches. I know that I can't do everything, but I train up people and then try like crazy to serve them. When I'm 75, I will still be doing something with the crew (No wise cracks on how that is only a few years away). My wife thinks I'm crazy, I am for the most part, but I'm crazy for Jesus. I'm crazy to the point of ridiculous.

The negative side in my craziness is that I have a tendency to judge people who don't have the same "whatever it takes" mentality. When you are going at 100 miles and hour, you see others who are traveling at the same speed as you. When you get behind a slow person, not literally, you tend to judge them as not as committed as you. Maybe they aren't. Maybe they are committed in a different way.

At the end of the day, you do whatever it takes until you find the right person to do what you have been doing. Maybe you have to do whatever it takes to find that person. How about that?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Musings

Easter has come and gone. Wow what a day at Grace Point Church! We saw 1300 people come and hear he good news of Jesus Christ yesterday at our weekend gatherings. Bam!

I love working under pressure.

Had the day off, but came into the office anyway to veg and do emails and some reading. When you get to work with a cool staff and do the thing you love the most, work fills your cup, not drains it.

Our creative team is off the chain. Everything from the GP kidz set, Transparent, to the Adult worship environments, was most excellent.

The band came through like gangbusters yesterday. We pour out ourselves on the alter before God for sure. The musical aspect of worship is a powerful weapon against strongholds in peoples lives. We could just feel the freedom in the room yesterday. Awesome!

Got connected with some friends from my days at ICLV yesterday at Five20. I feel Five20 is on the brink of huge growth. The word is getting out.

Our lifeboat series is amazing. Trevor Little has helped take a major load off my plate by filming and editing for this series. Thanks dude.

The actors from Grace Point who gave many, many hours of their free time to make this happen, are "da bomb". Love you guys.

Had some friends come over last night after everything was over. It was good to just chill and praise God for all He had done for and through us.

It is humbling to realize that God has chosen my to be used in His kingdom. There is no greater honor than to serve Jesus Christ.

Well, Sunday is coming again, so I better get on with it. Later,

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Musings

Had a great weekend, lots of work and lots of fun.

- I have a wonderful and talented group of musicians I get to play with each week. God is good.

-My wife is a great cook. She made her famous chicken enchiladas this week. If you haven't had them, it's kinda hard to explain.

-March madness has kicked off and the buzz is all over the office. I don't care one way or another. I guess it's the same for everyone else, when I get real excited about guitars.

-I am a part of a Dave Matthews tribute band named Dangerous Hours. We have had two rehearsals so far and man let me tell you, it's gonna be off the hook. We are currently working on getting booked at the House of Blues Courtyard. Bam!

-Vegas is really the entertainment capital of the world. I am always running into some great musicians. I wish I could get them plugged into Grace Point or Five20 and on the journey as Christ followers.

-Small group this week was exciting and challenging. I will miss getting together during the April break. We have been talking about heaven and hell. This week we will discuss hell...can't wait.

-I was reading in Leviticus chapter 14 about mildew. Thank you Lord for the gift of grace. Could you imagine living in a would where if you had some mildew in your house? "Hey pastor, can you come over and look at my mildew". "Sure, on my way." "Yep, that could be mildew, you need to move out for a week and I'll come back to check on it". Could you imagine? Sorry I freaked out for a minute...whew!

-Got to spend some time with my dearest friends Ty and Angie Neal on Friday night. Angie made me a special pan of meatloaf (no onions, yessssss) for Sunday lunch as well. These are the friends that come directly from God. Love you guys.

-Jean got a clean bill of health from the doctor after the miscarriage. Bam!

-Trevor Little is a friend of mine who has stepped up to help Grace Point in our video department. He is a breath of fresh air in an area that I have done well but is not my gifting. He has totally made our next series, Lifeboat, a reality.

-Easter weekend this week. Get ready for three awesome services. This is the weekend to bring your friends and family. The Gospel will be presented in a way that you can't even imagine...Bring it Devin!

Later peeps.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Wow...we have been in a series at Grace Point called "Pushing Daisies". It is about what happens when we die. I have been surprised to find out how little Christ followers really know about heaven. I never gave it much thought. Jesus died so I could receive forgiveness and live in heaven for eternity. I never really cared what I would be doing, or not doing, eat and not eating, or whatever. My buddy Ryan, wondered if there would be pizza trees in heaven. I love the idea of walking up to a tree and the fruit if produced was pizza. How cool is that. But maybe there is a bakery that just makes pizza in heaven like on earth.

I'm of the mindset that no matter what heaven was/is , I was not going to hell. If hell is this hot fiery lake of eternal torment, then heaven was the opposite of that. I guess what puzzles me is how many people want to keep earthly relationships in heaven. Marriage, families, even having sex in heaven. I don't know about all that. Jesus taught that when the dead are raised they would not be married. Would there need to be kids in heaven if we are going to live forever? Is God's design of sex only for reproduction, or does it have another purpose beyond our earthly bounds?

I feel a lot of these type of questions come from our fallen perspective. We want to have all the things we have on earth because we are selfish. I want, I want, I want seems to be our view of heaven. I want a house, a family, sex, pizza trees or whatever because those things fulfill us in this life. I feel we won't give a rip about any of that stuff in the presence of Christ.

I guess this is my deep theological conclusion. I am a child that believes my daddy loves me and has a home for me. I don't care how big it is, how much the rent is, what color the tile is or how many brothers and sisters I have. I just know I'm adopted into His family and I'm cool with that.

Thank You Jesus!


Got to go golfing today for the first time in about 8 months. I went with a friend of mine from our small group. He shot well...I shot, well let's just say it was over 100. Actually I shot a 109, and only lost 2 balls. We played Los Prados for super cheap and had a blast. I never ended up in the water and didn't hit any houses. I loved being outside and enjoying the sunshine and blues skies of Vegas. Filled my cup for sure.

Friday, February 29, 2008

What to pray...

So many times I hear people say that they don't know how to pray, or what to pray about. So in an attempt to assist in the solution to this dilemma, here are some things to pray about.

1. Prayer is talking to God. You can do it standing, kneeling, driving (don't close your eyes), working out, sitting at your desk, laying in bed, laying on the floor, chillin' in the back yard while the grill turns raw meat into a juicy mouth watering delight.

2. Talk to Him (God), like you would anyone else. You don't need to talk the way people did 400 years ago. He is God, so if you start off with "Ok, so check it out God...", He will listen.

3. Be real...He sees and knows more than the fat dude in the red suit. You won't surprise Him..

4. Talk to Him about your day

5. Talk to Him about your boss.

6. Talk to Him about your pastor. Specifically ask Him to bless your pastor. Why pray for your pastor? He is the one who genuinely cares about your spiritual journey. Your pastor lives, eats, and breathes the mission God has placed him on. Pray for his family, kids, finances and anything you might pray for yourself. Do the same for all the staff and volunteers.

7. Ask Him to protect your pastor and your church. From what you say? From all sorts of crazy things that happen to people in this world.

8. Pray for the nursery workers who watch your kids. If you don't have kids, pray anyway, it won't hurt.

9. Pray for God to bless your employer...yes you read right. If He blesses your work place you will have a job for a long time. No down sizing here people.

10. Pray for God to change you...notice how I didn't mention change others? Micheal Jackson said it best "I'm starting with the man in the mirror". Okay I'm sorry for that.

So if you start talking with God (prayer) about these things, you will be praying. And then you will say, "wow that way easier than I thought". Then spend some time saying nothing to God and listen to Him. He will answer, trust Him, He will.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I got the chance to get out and enjoy the Vegas sunshine yesterday and serve students at UNLV. Each week a group of us from Five20 take coffee, doughnuts , Ramen cup-o-noodles and whatever else we can hand out, to serve the students on campus. I love being Jesus to the community. I get to meet so many cool people and hear cool stories. Played some Frisbee and guitar and handed out tons of Five20 flyers. I even got a little sunburned...nice. I have been waiting for the cold weather to subside and the warmth of spring to begin. Most people think I'm crazy when they hear me say I love Vegas. I don't mind the heat at all. Been here 11 yrs and love it. I mean Jesus rescued me in Vegas, baby. That makes this city cool in my book. No pun intended.

We are planning on setting up a little living room on the campus in a couple of weeks. We want to give the students a chance to sit in our living room and share life with us even if it is for a few minutes. If you get a chance to come and join us, please do. I'd love to share the experience with you.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Guest

I have invited the wonderful and talented Tyrin Neal to be a guest blogger. Ty is the family ministry Pastor at Grace Point Church. He is my close friend and confidante. I am glad to call him friend and his family, family. He has a wonderful wife named Angie, and three awesome kids; Kenzie, Tatum, and Ian. I will let him fill you in on any other details he wants to share.

I'm glad to have you aboard Mr. Neal.


It's an honor and privilege to be invited to contribute to the mighty Wojo's blog - I sit trembling in fear and awe! Thanks!

Thanks for the intro!

Not sure what to blog about so let me just overstate the obvious:

God's pretty friggin cool!

It really messes me up when I think about who He is and how He loves me! I know this is obvious, but I suck! I can't get over how He loves me in spite of me and all my shortcomings. To top it all off, He gave me an awesome wife, killer kids and a sweet Church - Grace Point! One more - I get to be on staff at Grace Point!

I've got the best wife on the planet!

She's my best friend. That sounds so gay (especially since I have that Queen song going through my head now) - but it's so true! We've been married for almost 13 years now and I still feel like a teenager in love (or heat... sorry Babe) when I'm around her. I love hanging out with her, talking with her, taking long drives with her, doing everything with her! I just love being with her! She's a keeper! She has sacrificed everything for me to chase my dreams and has never once complained! I love her!

I have really cool kids!

My kids are really cool. They love each other and love hanging with their parents. My house is like one big stand up comedy show - everyone is a comedian - including my kids. We love to prank, play jokes, act goofy - whatever to get a laugh! I love it! I'm so glad God blessed me with some cool kids and not squares!

The radio sucks!

I know I'm going to sound like an old man on this one, but man the radio sucks! New music is awful for the most part. Thank God for the surge of independent labels! Expand your musical horizon and go to www.pandora.com to check out some new music that you will never hear on the radio!

That's it! I know, it's like when you buy a jar of peanut butter and the label states: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NUTS! Duh, of course, you've just overstated the obvious! The main ingredient of milk is, you guessed it, milk!


Monday Musings

We had a great weekend at Grace Point. We started a new series called Pushing Daisies. I love seeing the set designers and crew pull together and wow us each new series. Some thoughts about this weekend.

With the video shoot at Lake Meade and the horrible weather, I am a full supporter of sound stages.

I know now why we pay 10 bucks a ticket for a movie. Lot's of valuable people behind the scenes that you don't know their names, but need to get paid for all they do.

I now understand why George Lucas had heart problems during the filming of Star Wars.

I can edit a roll-in video in 1 hour....complete with sound tracks.

Devin is an awesome director and has a great eye for film. And you thought he was only a great Pastor. Dude!

Regular people have mad acting skills. Our cast for life boat rocks! Jack Nelson, Jennalene Beuanaventura (soon to be Mrs Jack Nelson), Christi Barbour, Sarah Davi, and Jon Anderson.

Our bands are getting tighter as a team. You guys tore it up....

I forgot to sing a whole verse on a song in the second service. For all of you who don't believe I'm as old as I am...believe it. The mind is the first thing to go.

I enjoy playing music by the Dave Matthews Band.

I got to share the gospel with a guy in New York while purchasing some video equipment.

My wife is one in a million. Even after having a crappy week, she poured out her love and wisdom to her group of teenage girls. They meet at our house every Friday night. It is good to see her investing in the future.

Five20 was great last night. Good music and good food. If you haven't come, you should. Even if you are older than 25, you should come.

I love being on staff at Grace Point. I get to work along side some great people.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life Boat Short

One of the coolest and challenging things I have tackled at Grace Point is video. Video is one of those mediums that you love and hate all at the same time. It is thrilling, exciting, tiring, frustrating and cool all at the same time. Last night we shot on location at Lake Meade in the middle of a wind storm. We had to totally change our location last minute with all the talent waiting on us. Bummer. After we relocated to a protected area that would allow us film with out blowing away, we, I actually, realized I forgot a very important piece of gear. The interface unit that allows the audio to be recorded on the computer. AAAARGGGH! Now that's not so bad if you are only a few minutes away, but Lake Meade is an hour away from our office. Jeremy Duncan made the run to get the gear in no time and we got underway.

Wetsuits are hard to get on period. They are especially hard to get on when they are one size to small and your changing room is the cab of your truck. I got it on with the help of some friends who basically had to force me into the suit. I don't even want to know how i looked.

We started filming a I got some great shots of the life raft and crew from in the water. After about an hour in the lake, I was thankful for the wetsuit.

You can't even to begin to imagine all the work and prep work that had gone into this shot. A big thanks to everyone who helped out. Gonzo brought his huge trailer which was a huge blessing.

Gotta go because it is getting late. I'll talk more about the shot later.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jean...my love.

You can never realize the strength of your relationships until they are tested in the fires of life. Jean, my wife, and I, have traveled may roads together since we met in 'o3. I remember having to push our Beetle to get it started. I remember it catching on fire (lot's of smoke, not a lot of damage). The hot water line broke under our apartment once, that was fun. Riding the bus everywhere, I miss that sometimes. Levi passing away. Jean's Dad having heart problems. Car problems and more car problems. Each curve ball life has thrown at us, we have stepped up and taken a swing at least.

Last night was not just a curve ball, but a pitch right to the head. After finding out we were having a baby, we lost the baby. Jean was in terrible pain and we went to the ER very early around 2:30am. They gave her something to help the pain, and performed an ultrasound. An examination confirmed that we would not be parents this time around. The doctor was wonderful and caring. We cried. We prayed. The rest of the staff was in Atlanta, praying for us as well. It was sad, and yet we were at such peace. We understood Job, we could identify with other couples who have had miscarriages, with people who say to God, "what's up?". The thing that has impacted me the most in the last 24 hours was, we supported each other and leaned on the Father together. I those moments of despair and pain, we turned to Jesus for comfort. We leaned not on our own understanding. We choose not to question the Master, but to believe in His will for us. I watched my wife take a hit last night. I watched her endure pain. I watched her face as she was told here pregnancy was over. And then I watched her as the peace of God enveloped her as if the very arms of the creator scooped her up. It was in that moment that I loved her more deeper that ever. In that moment, I respected her like never before. It was in that moment that I felt our relationship would survive anything. Except for the Lord's saving grace, my wife is my greatest gift from Him.

After we left the hospital, we went to Denny's and ate breakfast together. We held hands and enjoyed some eggs and hash browns. Good things.

I love you Jean.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Catch Up

I did absolutely nothing today. Most of the GP staff is at a Church planters conference in ATL with Devin, so no meetings. After leading worship at GP and Five20, I'm in a vegetative state of mind. I will do my best to keep my mind from wandering to much (yeah right). But here goes...

Lost is the best...I say it every week, I know, but it really is.
  • Sayid is an assasin working for Ben (really bad guy from the Island), and after the "rescue". Creepy to say the least. We now know that Jack, Kate, Hugo, Sayid and Ben got off the island. We know that Ben was right about the people from the boat.
  • The whole shooting the "payload" time delay thing was very cool and shed some light onto a few theories.
  • The instructions to follow the exact heading the chopper came in on, reinforces my belief the island in hidden in a fold of time. (see above)
  • Hugo always has that "didn't see that coming" line. I have to say the way he played Miles, Kate and Sayid..."didn't see that coming".
  • Still want to know more about Jacob, Michael and Walt.

Five 20 was great last night. We had 41 people show up to eat, drink and be merry. The music rocked even though we didn't have a "real" electric guitar player. I tried, I really did. We met some new people.

We, Jean and I, now host 3 small groups at our house. Tuesday at 6 for the Five20 folks, Wednesday at 7 for our rockin' GP group. And Jean leads a group for teenage girls on Friday. I get to go out on Friday 'cause no guys allowed for that group. Believe me, I don't want to be around. I am grateful to God that we have a house, and His peeps get to have community with us in this house.

Grace Point has some really awesome musicians, that I get to worship with...thanks guys.

Devin, Ty, Karen, and Derek are in ATL at a Church planters conference...that means I'm at the helm of GP for a few days...Yikes. It really is not a big deal, I just like to pretend.

I get to watch Surge while Devin in out of town. It is now official, I am the Hudson pet watcher. Sugar, Surge, and the little fish (don't know your name little dude), have all be under my care. I am honored...truly...really I am.

I love the staff at the Ice House lounge, where Five20 meets. They continually blow my mind with there generosity. Thanks Dave, Matt and Katie for your support.

Going out to dinner with some cool people tonight then off to the Neal's for some homemade Pumpkin Pie.

Later my peeps....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Five 20 and IG's

Five20 promotes Intentional Gatherings as part of our core values. IG's are basically home groups that meet outside of the Five20 gathering. We had our first one last night, and man did we have a blast. We had some great food, played Cranium, watched youtube videos of pastors who are real men because they pee standing up (see previous post).

We had 8 folks for our first night, and we were all at different places on the spiritual journey. Some Christ followers, others pre-Christians. We had a great time. We talked about community, social justice, building relationships, the proper spelling pronunciation of "Tilapia" (təˌl a piə ), and if you are able to use props when acting out a Cameo during Cranium. The men, who pee standing up, won. I just know I'm gonna wear out that "pee standing up" thing. It's just too funny. All of us walked away feeling like we were connected. We shared our food, our home, our stories...one of our "pre-Christians", started cooking up a storm after we found out the only meat he eats is fish. Dude, he is in charge of the food for next week, 'cause man, that boy can cook. I think we are gonna bust out some crab legs, shrimp, and grilled Tilapia for next week.

And finally, I made my world famous popcorn. That's right, popcorn right out of the pan, not the bag. That was the best. Anyway, can't wait for our Grace Point group tonight and then Lost on Thursday. Life is good!

Stay tuned for and important announcement from our sponsors....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Funny stuff

I saw this on Matt Hudgins' blog. It is the funniest thing I've seen/heard in a while. Wow! Just follow the link by clicking on Matt's name above and the click on the video under the title "Men, if you want to be biblical, pee standing up". Again, Wow!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Musings

I live for the weekends. Everything about my life comes to a climax every Sunday. Each week people work basically Monday through Friday and then check out for the weekend. This is not my normal week. I just get rolling after our creative team meeting Tuesday. So after doing music for two venues, Grace Point and Five20, I'm pretty much toast on Mondays. So this is my way of "checking out" for the weekend, which is actually the weekday, but who cares anyway.

  • The musicians at Grace Point rock!
  • The musicians at Five20 rock. These guys don't even get to practice at all before we hit the stage. We rely on the charts and our commitment to Christ, to be ready to go Sunday night. Awesome!
  • Planning Center Online is the best online software for keeping volunteers in the loop on what is going on. Thanks Mitch, you're the best.
  • Five20 is reaching people that didn't even have Jesus on the radar 4 weeks ago...Yessss
  • My wife is an awesome woman of God and the best ministry partner I could have ever imagined. Thanks for your heart honey.
  • Devin tore it up yesterday. Thank God for podcasting, cause if you missed this one, your gonna want to hear it for sure.
  • Being a worship leader is the best
  • Using loops during worship is a challenge
  • Technology is cool
  • Technology sucks
  • I love my Audio guys...Jeremy, Jeff, Danial, Gregg, Jack, Jason, Jon...you guys are the best.
  • Our graphics department is growing and I love it...way to go Jennifer and Fernando
  • My best friend Tyrin Neal, lost his Grandfather this past week. He is in Kentucky with his family this week. I am sad for his loss and miss him greatly. He is a first class man of God and minister. He is getting to share at the funeral...cool.
  • Starbucks, Rockstar Coffee, and the Holy Spirit make you an unstoppable worship dynamo...a UWD for you acronym people.
Mondays are also date night for me and Jean. Yessss

Friday, February 8, 2008

Lost week 2

I love this show. What can I say. Last night was as confusing as ever and I loved it. I love that Lock outright asked the question "what is the black cloud?". I imagined all across America, millions of people saying "yes, yes, what is the black cloud?". And then not to find out, awesome.

It is against my Christ following nature to wish someone dead, but come on, kill Ben already.

I knew from the time Naomi said everyone on flight 811 was dead, that the wreckage and the bodies were a plant from Ben's group. The question is, who is/was Naomi working for?

Don't like the new characters much. I hope they get some better back stories on them soon. I do like the "talking to the dead" guy, Miles. He's got that Anna Lucia type attitude.

If you haven't gotten Lost yet, get going. It's a great journey.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Big Game

Okay it has been one crazy week! So many things to talk about, so little time. I just picked up an iMac for the office to do all my video/audio stuff on...I love it. Mac doesn't pay me for endorsements, but I can't believe I ever had a PC. Enough on that.

Sunday night we didn't have Five20, we watched the Big Game down at the Ice House instead. We took one of the old screens and projectors from Grace Point down there and watched the game on a really big screen. I'm not a big fan of watching sports on tv. I really would rather be on the field playing, or at least be in the stadium while the game is being played. The big game was only the second football game I watched all season. I had a great time, wanted both teams to win, but ended up rooting for the Giants. It was one of the most exciting football games I've seen. There is this sense of camaraderie when all the guys are hanging out and cheering for their favorite team. My wife even enjoyed the game .

Back to the normal Sunday night gig with Five20 this week. If you have not been, you should make it a point to come. The food is great, the people are friendly, and the music rocks.

Friday, February 1, 2008


I have looked forward to the new season of "LOST" like a kid who is waiting for Christmas morning. But unlike some of those Christmas's that you got nothing you ask the fat guy for, Lost delivered like a champ. I am hooked even deeper than before, if that were possible. I watched it with my best friends in the world, and we were all blown away.

I knew Charlie would be back, just didn't know how they would do it. We theorized that the person in the casket in the last episode of season 3, was Micheal. I think it is Lock. The fun in all this is the writers will keep us on the edge of our seats for sure. I'm sure we will be taken on a wild ride in the weeks and months to come. I'm pumped!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Since I can remember I have loved the water. I don't know if it has to do with being born in California or my father being in the Navy, but I love the water. When I joined the Navy, it was to become a navy diver, specifically an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) diver. Due to an asthma condition, I was disqualified from diving in my fourth week of training. Bummer. Yet God had a plan for me that I was very unaware of at that time in my life. Still I longed to dive and more specifically, dive with sharks.

This past summer I was watching Shark Week on the Discovery channel and learned that you can take a boat from San Diego, Ca. and sail to Isle De Guadalupe off the coast of Baja Mexico.
Shark Diver.com is the company that the Discovery channel uses to film one of the largest ocean predators, the Great White Shark. So during it was during Grace Point Church's "Hi-Def" series that I would turn a when into a now and go diving with the Great Whites.

There are a few of us from Grace Point that are planning to go. Nick Davi, who is a marine biologist and one of our lighting directors at GP, and his wife are going. My wife Jean is going as well. We are trying to get a total of 16 divers together for this trip, so if your up to it come on. The diving rig is surface supplied air, and we are not any deeper that 4-6 feet below the surface, so decompression is not a factor. The cool thing about this is, I don't have to worry about my lung problems. You also don't have to be SCUBA qualified. Yessss!

Since the trip is planned during peak Great White season (mid October), I have a lot of time to reflect on all I will experience. I'm still not in freak out excited mode, but as each week passes, the excitement is hard to contain. I'm sure I will know more about Great Whites than I would ever want to as well. I'm sure you will know more about GW's than you will want to by October.

Monday, January 28, 2008

First Blog Ever!

Okay, so this is the first time I have ever blogged. As the words appear on my screen, I know history is in the making (long pause to comprehend the shear magnitude of the previous statement). I have been inspired by my friend and Pastor, Dr. Devin Hudson to share with the entire world wide web my thoughts about anything and everything. This is going to be fun for sure.

You were probably looking for something more life changing perhaps? Sorry, if I've let you down, I just needed to get something up to see how it all works.