Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Since I can remember I have loved the water. I don't know if it has to do with being born in California or my father being in the Navy, but I love the water. When I joined the Navy, it was to become a navy diver, specifically an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) diver. Due to an asthma condition, I was disqualified from diving in my fourth week of training. Bummer. Yet God had a plan for me that I was very unaware of at that time in my life. Still I longed to dive and more specifically, dive with sharks.

This past summer I was watching Shark Week on the Discovery channel and learned that you can take a boat from San Diego, Ca. and sail to Isle De Guadalupe off the coast of Baja Mexico.
Shark is the company that the Discovery channel uses to film one of the largest ocean predators, the Great White Shark. So during it was during Grace Point Church's "Hi-Def" series that I would turn a when into a now and go diving with the Great Whites.

There are a few of us from Grace Point that are planning to go. Nick Davi, who is a marine biologist and one of our lighting directors at GP, and his wife are going. My wife Jean is going as well. We are trying to get a total of 16 divers together for this trip, so if your up to it come on. The diving rig is surface supplied air, and we are not any deeper that 4-6 feet below the surface, so decompression is not a factor. The cool thing about this is, I don't have to worry about my lung problems. You also don't have to be SCUBA qualified. Yessss!

Since the trip is planned during peak Great White season (mid October), I have a lot of time to reflect on all I will experience. I'm still not in freak out excited mode, but as each week passes, the excitement is hard to contain. I'm sure I will know more about Great Whites than I would ever want to as well. I'm sure you will know more about GW's than you will want to by October.

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