Thursday, March 13, 2008


Wow...we have been in a series at Grace Point called "Pushing Daisies". It is about what happens when we die. I have been surprised to find out how little Christ followers really know about heaven. I never gave it much thought. Jesus died so I could receive forgiveness and live in heaven for eternity. I never really cared what I would be doing, or not doing, eat and not eating, or whatever. My buddy Ryan, wondered if there would be pizza trees in heaven. I love the idea of walking up to a tree and the fruit if produced was pizza. How cool is that. But maybe there is a bakery that just makes pizza in heaven like on earth.

I'm of the mindset that no matter what heaven was/is , I was not going to hell. If hell is this hot fiery lake of eternal torment, then heaven was the opposite of that. I guess what puzzles me is how many people want to keep earthly relationships in heaven. Marriage, families, even having sex in heaven. I don't know about all that. Jesus taught that when the dead are raised they would not be married. Would there need to be kids in heaven if we are going to live forever? Is God's design of sex only for reproduction, or does it have another purpose beyond our earthly bounds?

I feel a lot of these type of questions come from our fallen perspective. We want to have all the things we have on earth because we are selfish. I want, I want, I want seems to be our view of heaven. I want a house, a family, sex, pizza trees or whatever because those things fulfill us in this life. I feel we won't give a rip about any of that stuff in the presence of Christ.

I guess this is my deep theological conclusion. I am a child that believes my daddy loves me and has a home for me. I don't care how big it is, how much the rent is, what color the tile is or how many brothers and sisters I have. I just know I'm adopted into His family and I'm cool with that.

Thank You Jesus!

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Well said man. I was wondering how 520 went last Sunday Night. We had a great time with you ugys last week.

Chris Craddock
Mountain Lake Church