Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Musings

We had a great weekend at Grace Point. We started a new series called Pushing Daisies. I love seeing the set designers and crew pull together and wow us each new series. Some thoughts about this weekend.

With the video shoot at Lake Meade and the horrible weather, I am a full supporter of sound stages.

I know now why we pay 10 bucks a ticket for a movie. Lot's of valuable people behind the scenes that you don't know their names, but need to get paid for all they do.

I now understand why George Lucas had heart problems during the filming of Star Wars.

I can edit a roll-in video in 1 hour....complete with sound tracks.

Devin is an awesome director and has a great eye for film. And you thought he was only a great Pastor. Dude!

Regular people have mad acting skills. Our cast for life boat rocks! Jack Nelson, Jennalene Beuanaventura (soon to be Mrs Jack Nelson), Christi Barbour, Sarah Davi, and Jon Anderson.

Our bands are getting tighter as a team. You guys tore it up....

I forgot to sing a whole verse on a song in the second service. For all of you who don't believe I'm as old as I am...believe it. The mind is the first thing to go.

I enjoy playing music by the Dave Matthews Band.

I got to share the gospel with a guy in New York while purchasing some video equipment.

My wife is one in a million. Even after having a crappy week, she poured out her love and wisdom to her group of teenage girls. They meet at our house every Friday night. It is good to see her investing in the future.

Five20 was great last night. Good music and good food. If you haven't come, you should. Even if you are older than 25, you should come.

I love being on staff at Grace Point. I get to work along side some great people.

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