Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life Boat Short

One of the coolest and challenging things I have tackled at Grace Point is video. Video is one of those mediums that you love and hate all at the same time. It is thrilling, exciting, tiring, frustrating and cool all at the same time. Last night we shot on location at Lake Meade in the middle of a wind storm. We had to totally change our location last minute with all the talent waiting on us. Bummer. After we relocated to a protected area that would allow us film with out blowing away, we, I actually, realized I forgot a very important piece of gear. The interface unit that allows the audio to be recorded on the computer. AAAARGGGH! Now that's not so bad if you are only a few minutes away, but Lake Meade is an hour away from our office. Jeremy Duncan made the run to get the gear in no time and we got underway.

Wetsuits are hard to get on period. They are especially hard to get on when they are one size to small and your changing room is the cab of your truck. I got it on with the help of some friends who basically had to force me into the suit. I don't even want to know how i looked.

We started filming a I got some great shots of the life raft and crew from in the water. After about an hour in the lake, I was thankful for the wetsuit.

You can't even to begin to imagine all the work and prep work that had gone into this shot. A big thanks to everyone who helped out. Gonzo brought his huge trailer which was a huge blessing.

Gotta go because it is getting late. I'll talk more about the shot later.

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