Monday, February 25, 2008


It's an honor and privilege to be invited to contribute to the mighty Wojo's blog - I sit trembling in fear and awe! Thanks!

Thanks for the intro!

Not sure what to blog about so let me just overstate the obvious:

God's pretty friggin cool!

It really messes me up when I think about who He is and how He loves me! I know this is obvious, but I suck! I can't get over how He loves me in spite of me and all my shortcomings. To top it all off, He gave me an awesome wife, killer kids and a sweet Church - Grace Point! One more - I get to be on staff at Grace Point!

I've got the best wife on the planet!

She's my best friend. That sounds so gay (especially since I have that Queen song going through my head now) - but it's so true! We've been married for almost 13 years now and I still feel like a teenager in love (or heat... sorry Babe) when I'm around her. I love hanging out with her, talking with her, taking long drives with her, doing everything with her! I just love being with her! She's a keeper! She has sacrificed everything for me to chase my dreams and has never once complained! I love her!

I have really cool kids!

My kids are really cool. They love each other and love hanging with their parents. My house is like one big stand up comedy show - everyone is a comedian - including my kids. We love to prank, play jokes, act goofy - whatever to get a laugh! I love it! I'm so glad God blessed me with some cool kids and not squares!

The radio sucks!

I know I'm going to sound like an old man on this one, but man the radio sucks! New music is awful for the most part. Thank God for the surge of independent labels! Expand your musical horizon and go to to check out some new music that you will never hear on the radio!

That's it! I know, it's like when you buy a jar of peanut butter and the label states: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NUTS! Duh, of course, you've just overstated the obvious! The main ingredient of milk is, you guessed it, milk!


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Lucia @ Pandora said...

We're glad to hear you're enjoying Pandora, Ty!

Thanks for listening,
- Lucia, from Pandora