Friday, February 1, 2008


I have looked forward to the new season of "LOST" like a kid who is waiting for Christmas morning. But unlike some of those Christmas's that you got nothing you ask the fat guy for, Lost delivered like a champ. I am hooked even deeper than before, if that were possible. I watched it with my best friends in the world, and we were all blown away.

I knew Charlie would be back, just didn't know how they would do it. We theorized that the person in the casket in the last episode of season 3, was Micheal. I think it is Lock. The fun in all this is the writers will keep us on the edge of our seats for sure. I'm sure we will be taken on a wild ride in the weeks and months to come. I'm pumped!

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Jean said...

Your best friend in the whole world. Hunny your so sweet.
Your mine too.