Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Musings

I live for the weekends. Everything about my life comes to a climax every Sunday. Each week people work basically Monday through Friday and then check out for the weekend. This is not my normal week. I just get rolling after our creative team meeting Tuesday. So after doing music for two venues, Grace Point and Five20, I'm pretty much toast on Mondays. So this is my way of "checking out" for the weekend, which is actually the weekday, but who cares anyway.

  • The musicians at Grace Point rock!
  • The musicians at Five20 rock. These guys don't even get to practice at all before we hit the stage. We rely on the charts and our commitment to Christ, to be ready to go Sunday night. Awesome!
  • Planning Center Online is the best online software for keeping volunteers in the loop on what is going on. Thanks Mitch, you're the best.
  • Five20 is reaching people that didn't even have Jesus on the radar 4 weeks ago...Yessss
  • My wife is an awesome woman of God and the best ministry partner I could have ever imagined. Thanks for your heart honey.
  • Devin tore it up yesterday. Thank God for podcasting, cause if you missed this one, your gonna want to hear it for sure.
  • Being a worship leader is the best
  • Using loops during worship is a challenge
  • Technology is cool
  • Technology sucks
  • I love my Audio guys...Jeremy, Jeff, Danial, Gregg, Jack, Jason, guys are the best.
  • Our graphics department is growing and I love it...way to go Jennifer and Fernando
  • My best friend Tyrin Neal, lost his Grandfather this past week. He is in Kentucky with his family this week. I am sad for his loss and miss him greatly. He is a first class man of God and minister. He is getting to share at the
  • Starbucks, Rockstar Coffee, and the Holy Spirit make you an unstoppable worship dynamo...a UWD for you acronym people.
Mondays are also date night for me and Jean. Yessss

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