Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Musings

Had a great weekend, lots of work and lots of fun.

- I have a wonderful and talented group of musicians I get to play with each week. God is good.

-My wife is a great cook. She made her famous chicken enchiladas this week. If you haven't had them, it's kinda hard to explain.

-March madness has kicked off and the buzz is all over the office. I don't care one way or another. I guess it's the same for everyone else, when I get real excited about guitars.

-I am a part of a Dave Matthews tribute band named Dangerous Hours. We have had two rehearsals so far and man let me tell you, it's gonna be off the hook. We are currently working on getting booked at the House of Blues Courtyard. Bam!

-Vegas is really the entertainment capital of the world. I am always running into some great musicians. I wish I could get them plugged into Grace Point or Five20 and on the journey as Christ followers.

-Small group this week was exciting and challenging. I will miss getting together during the April break. We have been talking about heaven and hell. This week we will discuss hell...can't wait.

-I was reading in Leviticus chapter 14 about mildew. Thank you Lord for the gift of grace. Could you imagine living in a would where if you had some mildew in your house? "Hey pastor, can you come over and look at my mildew". "Sure, on my way." "Yep, that could be mildew, you need to move out for a week and I'll come back to check on it". Could you imagine? Sorry I freaked out for a minute...whew!

-Got to spend some time with my dearest friends Ty and Angie Neal on Friday night. Angie made me a special pan of meatloaf (no onions, yessssss) for Sunday lunch as well. These are the friends that come directly from God. Love you guys.

-Jean got a clean bill of health from the doctor after the miscarriage. Bam!

-Trevor Little is a friend of mine who has stepped up to help Grace Point in our video department. He is a breath of fresh air in an area that I have done well but is not my gifting. He has totally made our next series, Lifeboat, a reality.

-Easter weekend this week. Get ready for three awesome services. This is the weekend to bring your friends and family. The Gospel will be presented in a way that you can't even imagine...Bring it Devin!

Later peeps.

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