Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Musings

Easter has come and gone. Wow what a day at Grace Point Church! We saw 1300 people come and hear he good news of Jesus Christ yesterday at our weekend gatherings. Bam!

I love working under pressure.

Had the day off, but came into the office anyway to veg and do emails and some reading. When you get to work with a cool staff and do the thing you love the most, work fills your cup, not drains it.

Our creative team is off the chain. Everything from the GP kidz set, Transparent, to the Adult worship environments, was most excellent.

The band came through like gangbusters yesterday. We pour out ourselves on the alter before God for sure. The musical aspect of worship is a powerful weapon against strongholds in peoples lives. We could just feel the freedom in the room yesterday. Awesome!

Got connected with some friends from my days at ICLV yesterday at Five20. I feel Five20 is on the brink of huge growth. The word is getting out.

Our lifeboat series is amazing. Trevor Little has helped take a major load off my plate by filming and editing for this series. Thanks dude.

The actors from Grace Point who gave many, many hours of their free time to make this happen, are "da bomb". Love you guys.

Had some friends come over last night after everything was over. It was good to just chill and praise God for all He had done for and through us.

It is humbling to realize that God has chosen my to be used in His kingdom. There is no greater honor than to serve Jesus Christ.

Well, Sunday is coming again, so I better get on with it. Later,

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