Friday, February 8, 2008

Lost week 2

I love this show. What can I say. Last night was as confusing as ever and I loved it. I love that Lock outright asked the question "what is the black cloud?". I imagined all across America, millions of people saying "yes, yes, what is the black cloud?". And then not to find out, awesome.

It is against my Christ following nature to wish someone dead, but come on, kill Ben already.

I knew from the time Naomi said everyone on flight 811 was dead, that the wreckage and the bodies were a plant from Ben's group. The question is, who is/was Naomi working for?

Don't like the new characters much. I hope they get some better back stories on them soon. I do like the "talking to the dead" guy, Miles. He's got that Anna Lucia type attitude.

If you haven't gotten Lost yet, get going. It's a great journey.


Melina said...

I love reading your blogs on Lost!! It keeps me up to date, since I don't have much time to watch it anymore. Have they gotten off the island yet or is that all just a dream that someone has?

Maggie said...

We're totally addicted here at Hommel house... Thank God for TiVo so we can watch over and over and over.. :P