Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Got back last night from a ten day trip around the U.S. Jean and I drove out east and visited friends and family during the Thanksgiving holiday. I will sum up our trip in bullet form.

  • Drove from Vegas to Rockford, Il on Friday Nov 23rd.
  • Played Bass guitar for my buddy Ryan at his church on Saturday night the 24th.
  • Ate some awesome deep dish pizza from Sam's
  • Got to record a demo of "Lie In Our Graves" at Jaben Pennell's studio in Rockford.
  • We drove to Rivedale, Mi on Sunday night. Awesome to see the Chicago skyline at night.
  • Had Thanksgiving dinner on Monday night with my entire family. Big Woj couldn't make it, but we didn't have room enough for him anyway.
  • Got to eat some real Kielbasa (Polish Sausage), not that store bought crap.
  • Ate too much Kielbasa
  • My family can cook
  • My brothers and I can make people laugh until they pee their pants.
  • Pretended I was mentally challenged when I met my niece, Holly's, boyfriend
  • Jean and I cut some fire wood for my brother Pat. I cut, Jean stacked. We had a great time.
  • Saw "Quantum of Solace" with my Mom on Thanksgiving.
  • Visited my 98 year old Grandma. She is an awesome woman.
  • My 88 year old Grandpa, can't keep up with his 98 year old wife...lol!
  • Got to hang with my youngest brother, John along with his wife and three daughters. I refer to my nieces as "the Locusts". I'll let you imagine what your house would look like after they left, and you will understand why I call them that.
  • Left Riverdale on Friday the 28th and drove to Taylorsville, Ky. Why? To visit Bud Neal that's why.
  • Met up with our Family Ministry Pastor Ty Neal at his in laws house on Friday night.
  • Ate something called a sweet potato dumpling...it was amazing.
  • Met Angie Neal's family
  • Met Ty Neal's family
  • Met Amanda Parrot's family
  • Jean went to White Castles for the first time
  • Ate too much good food.
  • Left Taylorsville for Vegas on Sunday the 30th.
  • Stopped in Nashville, Tn for Starbucks and got a mug
  • Stopped in Memphis for some real Memphis BBQ. Let's just say "Corky's" is the place.
  • Stopped by Graceland to take some pictures. It was cool to see it decorated for Christmas.
  • Jean had Chick Fil A for the first time in Albuquerque, Nm.
  • Arrived in Vegas at 10pm Dec 1st.
So that is pretty much it. We had a blast.
  • Al

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