Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Catch Up

I did absolutely nothing today. Most of the GP staff is at a Church planters conference in ATL with Devin, so no meetings. After leading worship at GP and Five20, I'm in a vegetative state of mind. I will do my best to keep my mind from wandering to much (yeah right). But here goes...

Lost is the best...I say it every week, I know, but it really is.
  • Sayid is an assasin working for Ben (really bad guy from the Island), and after the "rescue". Creepy to say the least. We now know that Jack, Kate, Hugo, Sayid and Ben got off the island. We know that Ben was right about the people from the boat.
  • The whole shooting the "payload" time delay thing was very cool and shed some light onto a few theories.
  • The instructions to follow the exact heading the chopper came in on, reinforces my belief the island in hidden in a fold of time. (see above)
  • Hugo always has that "didn't see that coming" line. I have to say the way he played Miles, Kate and Sayid..."didn't see that coming".
  • Still want to know more about Jacob, Michael and Walt.

Five 20 was great last night. We had 41 people show up to eat, drink and be merry. The music rocked even though we didn't have a "real" electric guitar player. I tried, I really did. We met some new people.

We, Jean and I, now host 3 small groups at our house. Tuesday at 6 for the Five20 folks, Wednesday at 7 for our rockin' GP group. And Jean leads a group for teenage girls on Friday. I get to go out on Friday 'cause no guys allowed for that group. Believe me, I don't want to be around. I am grateful to God that we have a house, and His peeps get to have community with us in this house.

Grace Point has some really awesome musicians, that I get to worship with...thanks guys.

Devin, Ty, Karen, and Derek are in ATL at a Church planters conference...that means I'm at the helm of GP for a few days...Yikes. It really is not a big deal, I just like to pretend.

I get to watch Surge while Devin in out of town. It is now official, I am the Hudson pet watcher. Sugar, Surge, and the little fish (don't know your name little dude), have all be under my care. I am honored...truly...really I am.

I love the staff at the Ice House lounge, where Five20 meets. They continually blow my mind with there generosity. Thanks Dave, Matt and Katie for your support.

Going out to dinner with some cool people tonight then off to the Neal's for some homemade Pumpkin Pie.

Later my peeps....

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