Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cool Stuff...

I had a great weekend away from Vegas this past Memorial Day. I got to go with my good friends the Gonz' to Beaver, Ut. I'm gonna post some pics and let them do the talking. I will say one thing though about Kenny Gonz, if everyone in the world gave as much as he does, no one would go without.

Joy, aka "monkey" on the wood pile.

The team photo right before Jodi earned her new Native American name "Arrrrgggghh

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Have you ever felt that someone was shoving something down your throat because of their agenda? I remember in the Navy, we would be working on some project that was absolutely ridiculous, because some one needed to look good or get some kind of award. Makes everyone around the situation uneasy cause the troops know what works and what doesn't. I want to lead trusting in my troops...Kirk out!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Worship At Canyon

Pretty excited to be able to play at one of my favorite churches, besides Grace Point, in Vegas, Canyon Ridge. My good friend Mitch Harrison asked if one of our teams would like to come over and lead worship at the Ridge on a Wednesday, so we said "yes". This is a great opportunity for the GP band to get some experience as well. Gotta bail on my small group tonight, but they understand. Anyway, gonna have a great time singing to our Awesome God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Monday...again.

How can I sum up this past week? Amazing! Good times on all fronts. Devin likes to use bullet points, so I will do the same...
  • Great Staff meeting on Tuesday, very productive and creative.
  • Had some major breakthroughs at small group Wednesday night. Holy Spirit really doing some great stuff.
  • Got to go film a wonderful guy who has been on the journey and has had some tough times, but still stays on course and has an awesome servants heart. It was good to see him on the big screens at GP.
  • Awesome rehearsal with Dangerous Hours on Tuesday night. I am blessed to be on a project of this magnitude with some amazing musicians. We already are playing the new Dave Matthews stuff and the album won't be released until June 2nd.
  • Went to see the Lon Bronson All Stars at Green Valley Ranch on Thursday night. It was my training concert for Dave Matthews Band on Friday. Great band that covers a lot of music. The horn section is amazing, with Smokin' Joe Escriba on Tenor Sax.
  • Friday and Saturday was the surreal experience of seeing Dave Matthews Band live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Jean and I had a blast both nights. I was really awesome to have two shows in Vegas. It's hard to say which night was better, but the second sticks out more in my mind. Out of 38 song played both nights, only 3 songs were repeated. That means 32 different songs....Amazing band. You never get the same show twice!
  • Amazing services at Grace Point on Sunday put the cherry on top! God is pouring out His love on people in so many ways. It is wonderful and humbling to be included in this chapter of God's redemptive story. To watch peoples lives be changed, and not just the "I made a mess of my life" people, but even affluent, educated people as well. No matter where we come from, or what we did/do, we need Christ in our lives.
  • Wrapped up the weekend with a 2 hour nap, and then hanging with some friends in the evening.
Now I'm focusing on playing lots of music this week. Yessssss!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dave Matthews Band

As Friday approaches, I feel like I'm a kid again waiting on Christmas morning. Oh, ya, Friday is the day Dave Matthews Band comes to Vegas! And most importantly, I have tickets! No longer will I stand outside the arena like the young man in the song "Jukebox Hero", no I will be in the midst of the sonic spectrum of awesomeness that is DMB live! The whole reason I started Dangerous Hours was to be a part of the live DMB experience. The albums are great, but the live shows are what people remember the most. Anyway, I am excited to see them for real and not on DVD. Later...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Monday

Had a great weekend hanging out with some old friends and new ones too. Friday night I went to see Rusted Root at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was cool to be able to sit on the faux beach and put my feet in the pool at a concert. Watched "Wolverine" on Saturday after a wonderful dinner at Shane's Rib Shack. Jean got ribs, I went with the pork sandwich. The movie was good, campy in some parts, but entertaining. I still use "I am Legend" as the standard of over-hyped, bad movies, so anything better than that, is a good movie. So Wolverine, was quite entertaining.

Two great services at Grace Point. Lots of lives being changed. Got two great bands that alternate each week. Great hearts and lots of talent. We have been having some great discussions about being authentic Christ followers. Anyway, great rockin' services, and wow, people were singing loud.

Went to a birthday party at Cilis located at Bali Hai golf course. Man, I would like to play a round on that course sometime. Very beautiful place. Stopped at Guitar Center to browse, which really means lusting, and checked out how technology is changing the way we make music. After GC, went to grill mass quantities of meat, at one of our GP drummers house. Jeremy Strawn is his name, drummin' and grillin' is his game. Lot's of laughs, good food, good drinks, played some game where you throw bean bags through a hole in the top of a board (i don't like the real name for that game). Jeremy has a wife named Jane and a 3 year old son named Jackson. Jackson was playing with the light saber app on my i phone, and actually was changing characters and sounds on his own. See, iPhones are so easy, a 3 yr old can run them.

Got home around 10ish. Long day, but great time with people.