Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Five 20 and IG's

Five20 promotes Intentional Gatherings as part of our core values. IG's are basically home groups that meet outside of the Five20 gathering. We had our first one last night, and man did we have a blast. We had some great food, played Cranium, watched youtube videos of pastors who are real men because they pee standing up (see previous post).

We had 8 folks for our first night, and we were all at different places on the spiritual journey. Some Christ followers, others pre-Christians. We had a great time. We talked about community, social justice, building relationships, the proper spelling pronunciation of "Tilapia" (təˌl a piə ), and if you are able to use props when acting out a Cameo during Cranium. The men, who pee standing up, won. I just know I'm gonna wear out that "pee standing up" thing. It's just too funny. All of us walked away feeling like we were connected. We shared our food, our home, our of our "pre-Christians", started cooking up a storm after we found out the only meat he eats is fish. Dude, he is in charge of the food for next week, 'cause man, that boy can cook. I think we are gonna bust out some crab legs, shrimp, and grilled Tilapia for next week.

And finally, I made my world famous popcorn. That's right, popcorn right out of the pan, not the bag. That was the best. Anyway, can't wait for our Grace Point group tonight and then Lost on Thursday. Life is good!

Stay tuned for and important announcement from our sponsors....

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Maggie said...

I want some of your world famous popcorn. We'll just have to have another movie night - you bring the popcorn. ;)