Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This week so far...

Only Tuesday and man I am deep into the business of getting things ready for Sunday morning.  I'll be traveling out of state this week for Thanksgiving so got to get everything set up in advance.  Maybe I should pretend that I am off Thursday-Saturday every week?  Hum, makes me wonder if my production value would go through the roof?  Well I'm videoing tomorrow over at the church we are supporting for Thanksgiving by cooking and helping serve meals.  I love that fact that we are able to partner with other churches who have bigger facilities to handle stuff like meals, and we give them volunteers.  Very Kingdom minded.  I think Jesus instructed us to love each other and that's how people will know we are His disciples.  Programing lights next and then EQing the monitors, followed by uploading a video to Vimeo and adding a link to our Epic video blog.  Yay!!  I also have two guitar students this afternoon and band rehearsal at 6:30.  Told ya, busy bee I am.
I everyone has a great time with family and friends this Thursday.  Share some love with those who are going through tough times too.  Peace.

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