Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am giving thanks this year for so much that, it will be hard to get it all on here. 

First I am thankful for a loving God who allows me through grace to be his kid.  I love my Pappa.

Second, my wife Jean, for being an amazing partner in life.  I don't want to do anything or go anywhere with out her with me.  She loves adventure and we have definitely have that going on.  Love you baby!

Thankful for:

  • Decatur, Alabama.  You are an inspiration to me on what a church can be to the broken and lost in a city.  I know God is opening the heavens over Decatur, and you are pouring out all so he can fill it up.  
  • IV and Bene' Marsh, Garrett, Josh and Ella.  There are no words to explain your love or express the gratitude for all you have done for Jean and I.  What started out as a desire to do some consulting work for you guys has turned into the dream that started back in Las Vegas.  Never thought we would serve in the Kingdom together and yet here we are.  IV, I know our hearts were knitted together for the sake of the Gospel and it is a honor to call you friend
  • Marlin and Elaine.  I am inspired by your steadfast love for Christ's bride.  Thank you for following the voice of God and making the way for us to come along side you in the work.  You both Rock!
  • Mark Thomason, you are my hero and don't even realize it yet.  Thanks for helping me stay sane and showing me true musicianship and professionalism.  We have only yet to see what sonic awesomeness is coming.  Stay focused on what is good in life and you will find the peace you are looking for.
  • Jeremy, Jane and Jackson Strawn.  I miss you guys terribly.  I cannot listen to DMB without thinking of you guys and all the support you brought.  You supported me through some tough stuff and I thank you guys.  I know we will see each other soon, but you need to get your butts to Decatur.
  • My Family in Michigan.  Can't wait to see you all tomorrow.  All that comes to mind is, Good Times!  I am glad I no longer live 3 days drive from you.  
  • Kenny, Jodi and Colton Gonz.  Bring on the "Gringos"!  I hope I make it through the holidays without you guys. all I can say.  Kenny, when you are ready, we have a place for you guys!  Love, Love, Love, is all we have for you three.
  • My two dogs, Joy and Muffin.  
  • Music
  • Justin, Amy, Tina, Kenny (and the 8 kids), Jason, Linda, Melody, Grant, Houston, Wes, Andrea R, Mike, Andrea H, Latrice, Doug, Charles, Barbara, Landon, Sam, Summer, and all the other Epic folks who have welcomed us with open arms.  I know I've forgot some, Terry, Tasha, Dallas, Keisha, Brilley...okay don't everyone else get butt hurt.  I still love you all.
  • My Crosspoint Peeps, Wendy, Jack, Kevin, Stacey, guys rock.  Love being a part of the Decatur God story with you all.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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