Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Monday

Lot's going on, but just gonna talk about Sunday at
  •  4 conversions and 8 re-commitments!!
  • We launched the "Jack" series.  Already messing people up.  It's amazing how people respond to money series when you just tell it like it is.  
  • Our band went to a whole new level yesterday!  The energy was crazy.  It was loud, and raucous and full of excitement. 
  • The tech team was spot on with lighting cues, video and sound.
  • Showed and amazing video of our Epic yard sale.  We gave away so much stuff.  I cried everytime I watched it.  And I'm the one who shoot and edited it!! 
  • In case you missed it- 4 conversions and 8 re-commitments.
  • Great snacks in the green room.  We have some people who make sure we stay fueled up.  Of course I'm like a tanker so to speak.
  • Our 20 year old drummer thinks I'm on some kind of "look younger" diet or supplement.  He can't believe I'm as old as I am.  I told him I was only 12 years old in God's kingdom.
  • I get to work with one of the best leadership teams around!  Truly committed to reaching the lost, hurt and broken.  A bunch of little Jesus' they are!!
  • I love our smoke machine!!!
  • Pastor Kenny is creating a Kid frenzy over in the Journey building!  In 10 years, there is gonna be some 15 year old freaks for Jesus in the youth group. 

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