Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday on Tuesday

Wow, the holy hangover was kicking yesterday.  We had our creative team meeting as well.  Thank God for coffee and diet Mt. Dew.  Here is the download or scoop if you will.

  • Over 400 at Epic yesterday.  The third service is really rockin'.  There is something to be said about sleeping in Sunday morning, then coming to church to get your praise on.  I want to call the 12:30 service "The Brick" service, since people who were out at The Brick on Saturday, can still come!
  • The band, did Money by Pink Floyd and did a really great job.  If you are not a musician, you wouldn't understand how challenging that song is.
  • We had our first Jam session Sunday at Epic.  It was amazing.  Our keyboard player Mark, is the most amazing keys/piano player I have had the chance to work with.
  • Jean made here first batch of cornbread...it was amazing!!  She got the recipe from Benny Perrin who owns BB Perrin's here in Decatur.  Thanks Benny!
  • Got messed up by the book "Starting High Definition Churches" by Ron Sylvia.  Really made me realize I don't trust God.  Almost afraid to pick it up again.
  • Great hang time with IV Marsh and Justin Potter on Thursday.  It's great when leaders can get together and sharpen each other.  
  • Shot a Video with IV on Friday about all the things Epicchurch.tv are involved in.  Funny thing, we never set foot in our building.
  • If you haven't been to the NCC on Bank St here in Decatur, you need to stop in and see how they do ministry to the poor.  
  • Love the new direction with the music at Epic.
  • Got to tour Athens, AL with IV and Bene.  
  • Ate at Dub's Burgers in Athens.  I'm told it's been around since after the great flood.  Moses loved the place....I did too!
  • Trying to get into college football here.  Never really been into sports that I am not currently playing in, so it is a challenge.  But Auburn needs to stop giving the games away!  
  • Got to admit Alabama is tearing it up this year.  
  • Our Tech team is setting new standards in creativity...Love you guys!!
  • Starbucks is the greatest office you could ever have.  I love it.
  • Got to hang with Kevin Burns from Crosspoint Community this week.  Love hearing God stories about other churches.  
I know that is not all, but it is a lot.  Overall it was a great week filled with God, friends, and music.

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