Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Monday

Time for the weekly data dump.  Second week of the "Jack" series. 
  • We had 9 people get saved during a series on Money!!  Just goes to show you how powerful the message of the Gospel is.
  • IV preached up a nice little storm for us.  Man it was awesome. 
  • The Louis CK clip from Conan was a big hit.  Makes you think for sure.
  • Did another tattoo this week.  Lots of fun, but scary because it was on a friend of mines daughter.  She is 21, but still, I was nervous.
  • Keyboard player Mark Thomason joined the Epic band this week.  What an amazing player.
  • Did Madonna's "Material Girl" for the opener Yesterday.  April tore it up.  Fun song.
  • Took Jean with me to help out at Crosspoint, we had a blast helping out those guys
  • Went golfing in Alabama for the first time.  Enjoyed the company, did not enjoy my crappy swing. You can't go 3 months without hitting the ball and expect to have a great round.  
  • Our whole leadership team is on Twitter now.  Very cool to see us embrace technology. 
  • We were given a new dog this week.  We are still trying to decide a name for her.  She is doing real good and Joy is loving having her around.
  • Joined the Dream Center for adopt-a-block on Satuday.  Me a guy named "Skimp" who lost his son to drug overdose in October.  We are gonna hang out more for sure.
  • Got caught up on "The Office" and "Grey's Anatomy" this week.  I love  Gonna watch "V" next.  I remember the first one.  I was a little young still, so I don't remember the graphics being too cheesy. I just remember on of the nice "V's" was played by the same guy that played Freddie Krugar in the Nightmare movies.
  • Had a tragic loss in Las Vegas this past week.  DJ, who was a solid christ follower, was killed in a motorcycle accident last Tuesday.  He was 21.  He had a band called Cross Out These Eyes.  His memorial was yesterday.  Over 500 people attended.  Gonna miss him for sure.  
Remember to love each other. Especially those who don't like you.

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