Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Monday

Oh yes, how time flies when you are having fun.  Seems like a blur this past week.  A good blur, but a blur none the less.  Let me see if I can re-cap.

  • My Mom turned 68 this past week.  She is doing real well, and can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with her and my family this week.  Love you Mom!
  • Cooked a Turkey and made gravy for Jeans Thanksgiving party at work.  Turned out real well.
  • Spent a majority of the week watching and learning at
  • Edited a new video that shows the churches and ministries that partners with in Decatur.
  • Picked up another guitar student.  Grand total of 2 now.  Gotta start out small ya know.
  • My wife is killing it with the production team.  They are making weekend services jam!
  • Tackled some tough songs this week.  "If Everyone Cared", "Broken" were some awesome radio hits that we did.  Mark Thomason on keys really took us to a new level.  Everyone in the band is growing and getting better each week.
  • I still think church musicians have the toughest jobs.  Learning different songs each week is challenging for sure.  Glad to have some great people on the team.
  • Leaders are not the most popular people sometime, especially when they have to make a tough decisions.  
  • Got to watch the Lawrence County Pee Wee football team play in the championship game Saturday night.  The got beat pretty bad.  But it was the championship game.
  • Unveiled our "Decatur Dave and Decatur Danielle" profiles at the Dream Team meeting yesterday.  Very aggressive move I would say.  My favorite quote from IV, "We will do anything short of sinning to reach people."
  • Actually watched an Alabama football game on Saturday.  Well, it kinda played in the background while we worked on vocals for Sunday.  
  • Did a tattoo on Friday night.  Love pushing ink.
  • Enjoyed some wonderful quality time with my wife Saturday morning.  Advice to husbands, DATE YOUR WIFE!!
Peace out!

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