Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good times

So yesterday I cooked my first turkey of the season.  Yes me.  Jean works for a company called Drs4Drs, and they had their pot luck thanksgiving lunch yesterday.  So, Jean informs me that I am on turkey duty.
Actually, I love to cook turkey.  I want to get a deep fryer one day and fry one.  Maybe Christmas.  Anyway, I did what Grandma used to do, I got a turkey bag!  I love those things.  Cover Turkey with olive oil (the real stuff not Popeye's girl), flour the inside of the bag, put in the oven and bang zoom...turkey awesomeness.  Now the real trick is the gravy.  I like to use all the juices from the turkey plus the giblets.  This part is scary for me though, thickening the gravy.  Now Jean trusts me with the turkey, but here words to me as I dropped here of at work stuck to me like a sweaty t-shirt on a hot Alabama day.  "Don't make the gravy runny!"  I was paralyzed with fear.  I was confident until those words were spoken.  So the whole time I'm prepping the gravy, all I could think about was getting it thick enough.  So with a mixture of flour and water ( I mix the flour up with some cold water so when I add it to the hot broth I don't get lumps), I started the thickening process.  Of course I wasn't sure how much I would need, so I made a bunch.  Two cups of my flour/water mixture and still not thick enough.  So one more shot, except I added more flour than water.  So you know what happens next.  Lumps in my gravy!! Aaarrrggggh.  If only there was no pressure to have thick gravy! Only kidding.
Jean didn't like it though.  She was ruined by Angela Neal, our good friend from Kentucky, who makes awesome gravy.  Everyone else in the office loved it, or at least told me they did.  I think I got props only because I was a man making turkey and gravy.  I'll that that.  I did get to enjoy the pot luck too. 
Good Times...

I still need to get a grill so I can make my own BBQ... Peace.

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