Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday downloads...

Wow, the weeks are flying by!  Soon it will be Christmas.  I missed last week, so I may have a little bleed over.  But It's my blog.
  • Cookie went back to Vegas Tuesday.  We had a great time hanging out with her.  Looking forward to her spending the summer at Epic.
  • Great time cruising abound Birmingham.  Got to meet some very cool people on my tour of Bham music stores.  My favorite was a tie between Highland music, and Homewood.
  • Started production on our new Video announcements.  It's gonna be cool.  Announcements are needed, but really mess up the flow on Sunday mornings.  Just my thoughts.
  • Had to most amazing rehearsal Thursday night. 
  • Helping a friend in Vegas with an arrangement for his drumline.  Very honored and humbled.
  • Used Motion to create a video roll in for our Pushing Daisies series.  Technology is amazing in that it lets regular people like me do great things with video.
  • Visited the NCC in Decatur this week.  Glad to be a partner in the work with them.  
  • Totally "tuned" the PA system at Epicchurch.  Sounds way better!  Thanks Mark and Ownthemix. 
  • Getting to do some book reviews.  Scary for me.  I'm really stepping up my game for sure.
  • Went to Elaine Gills financial seminar on Saturday.  It is always good to hear financial wisdom.  No matter what stage of the financial freedom journey you are on, there is always something you can learn.
  • Hung out with the Thomason's on Saturday afternoon to watch Alabama roll over Florida.  Great game.
  • Tried to find a church in Cullman for Saturday night service.  Lets just say they were not where mapquest gps had them located.  Matter of fact, they had no map on the web either.  Reminded me that it's the little things that count in ministry.  Updated maps are important.
  • 3 Rockin services yesterday!   Foo Fighters, Pink, Hillsong United, and Nickleback all in the mix yesterday.
  • Long nap after services yesterday...4 hours.  I was wiped out.  Worth it for sure.
  • Caught up on The Office and V.  Still undecided on V.  Can't wait for LOST!
  • Started Justin Potters Maori warrior tattoo.  It's gonna be amazing.  Stay tuned for pictures.
I'm sure there was more, but that's okay.  Peace.


Mommy in Alabama said...

Were you looking for Daystar? If you want directions, email me and I can give them to you. -

Anonymous said...

Hey man i told this teacher in art school about your blog she is trying to get them to follow different artists blogs so that's what's up later bro TELIII