Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday downloads...

Cool week for sure.
  • Staff meeting/Christmas dinner was amazing.  It's like Christmas at all our evening staff meetings though.
  • Made sure the sound system we installed at Priceville Elem worked for their xmas program.
  • Unloaded a bunch of furniture for Jeans co-worker who lost her home in a fire.  It came all the way from Houston, Tx.  The generosity of people never ceases to amaze me.
  • Went shopping for that same family on Friday night with the Revolution Youth.  Great times with great young people.
  • Shot 2 video segments for Epic.  We actually had a director and sound guy.  Made editing real easy too.
  • Got my first book in my blog review.  Trying to finish it this week.
  • Started working out with Marlin Gill in the mornings.  After my first day, my bronchitis from last week flared up and took me out again.  I'm back though for tomorrow.
  • Watched Christmas Vacation with the Potters.  Amy had never seen it.  She has now!
  • Amazing services at Epic yesterday.  The band was spot on.  The Tech team didn't miss a transition and The Kids from Journey did an awesome job!  Way to go Pastor Kenny!
  • Made fried mashed potato cakes yesterday for Jean.  They were great, especially with cheese on top.
  • Went to see the Dave Matthews Band in 3D movie with Justin Potter and David Simon Friday night.  Amazing 3D and really inspired me to get off my butt and do some Dangerous Hours shows.
  • Came to realize that adversity is the catalyst to great things.  Makes you determined to push through to the finish.
  • Great vision casting meeting with IV this week.  Lots of great things in the future for and more importantly, the people of Northern Alabama. 
  • Filled in the last puzzle piece that is live streaming.  Working out the kinks now so that we can "go live" with an iCampus at
Just excited about the future with my wife Jean.  She is the best life partner.  She teaches me stuff all the time about being like Christ.  She is only beginning to see the leader she is gonna be in the kingdom.  Look out people!

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