Monday, December 7, 2009

What if?

I've been thinking about this for a long time...

Questions I have:

1. Can a volunteer serve multiple churches at once?  I help out church A on Sunday morning because they are portable.  I am on staff at church B that is not portable.  My free time on Sunday is spent serving at another church.  This is really a good one for musicians. 

2.  Can resources and materials be shared between churches? I think this happens more than sharing people. is great at this.  They give it away for free.  What about chairs and lighting, or PA equipment.  What about another church using your facilities for something like meetings or special services, maybe even band rehearsals?

3.  Supporting another churches ministry?  Epic does not have a homeless/hardship ministry.  We don't have a food pantry, clothes closet or kitchen.  We have 3 Sunday services and a  Wednesday night youth service.  That's all we do AT  But we support 2 other churches who have established homeless/hardship ministries.  One is the Neighborhood Christian Center and the other is The Dream Center.  We funnel funds and people to both of these ministries to help them realize the vision God has placed on there hearts.  We maximize everyone's potential by working like this.

Just a few thoughts.  Comments please.

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