Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do You Get It?

Most leaders agree, that you need so surround yourself with people who "get" the vision.  Knowing the vision and "getting" it are two entirely different things.  Here are some practical ways to identify people who get it.
  1. They talk about it as much as you do.  Maybe more.
  2. Ownership.  They give you unsolicited feedback.  This means they are thinking about it and owning it.
  3. Time and treasures are invested.
  4. They may not be Christ followers yet!
  5. Multiplication. They get people involved that you didn't even know existed.
  6. They encourage, not criticize.  Solutions are presented with problems.
  7. They are not spiritual Vampires that suck the life and love of ministry out of you.
Who do you have on your team that is like this?  Don't spend time babysitting people who will never get it.  Invest in those who do, and ask God to give you discernment.

Peace and Love.

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