Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Monday

We have had a jammin' week at On Wednesday we packed all people from all three Epic services into the Princess theatre in downtown Decatur for an awesome time of worship and prayer. The freedom to just let go and worship with out being on a time schedule was amazing. Definitely a defining moment in the history of But tons more...
  • Shot some video with IV out in Limestone county.
  • Went looking for a new mattress on Saturday
  • Jean and I purchased our very first new mattress.
  • Convergence on Wednesday...huge success. 291 Epicans showed up.
  • The Epic band is finally jelling together and rocking.
  • Did a tattoo last night on a willing subject. Turned out real good.
  • 3 awesome services yesterday...very cool stage props. What seat are you in?
  • Watched some JV football Monday night
  • May have meet my new golf partner finally. I guess people don't golf here as much as hunt and fish.
  • Went to a pumkin patch and got some pumkins and some apple cider.
  • found my favorite store ever in Athens. Can't wait to spend some money in there.

That's about it for now.

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