Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Monday again??

Wow, what a great week.  So much happening that is is keeping me busy for sure.  Loving the weather, even the rain.  It's really been kinda crazy, but the sun has been out this last week and it is wonderful.  The leaves are just beginning to turn colors, something I haven't seen in a long time.  Anyway I know this week is going to be full of blessings and challenges so time for the reflective last week data dump.
  • creative team meeting at Panera bread, not really all that impressed.  Good meeting though.
  • Traded some unused gear for some much needed stuff at Epic.  We have a fog machine now and drum mics...woooo whoooo.
  • Met a guy named Guitar Bob.  He has the craziest guitar shop I have ever been in.  I should have took pictures, but that wouldn't have explained it.  You just gotta go and see for yourself.
  • Gave my second guitar lesson on Tuesday.  It's good to be teaching again. 
  • Went to support our fellow Epicans at a softball game Tuesday night.  We have some people who can hit the ball.  We walked from our house to the ball fields.  It was cool.
  • Shot the teaser video for our next series "Jack".  Kenny and Jean were awesome.  We got a bunch of laughs.  I will post it online later.
  • Learning lots about leadership from God.  This is a good thing, cause' man sometimes gets it wrong.  It's good to get direct teaching from Daddy.
  • Working my way through "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan.  Great time of study and reflection.  I highly recommend reading it.  Borrow a copy if you can't afford one.  First 3 chapters are familiar stuff, but starting in Chapter 4,  it gets real good.
  • Went to watch Garrett Marsh play in his second Varsity football game.  He is only in the 8th grade.  Can you say "Talent".  He even got about 5 minutes of playing time in the homecoming game.
  • Woke up early Saturday for our Epic Yard Sale.  It was awesome to see so many people get blessed, both those that served and those who got served.  It was cool to see peoples faces when we told them it was free!  Got lots of great testimonies from people who really needed stuff.
  • Hung out at Bridgestreet in Huntsville after visiting Guitar Bob.  It's a lot like The District @ Green Valley Ranch.  Good times with Jean!
  • 3 killer services at yesterday.  This is why I am vegging today.  The holy hangover is kickin' hard today.  Totally worth it though, we had some people get changed by Jesus yesterday.  Lot's of emotional wounds getting healed. 
  • The band was rockin' yesterday too.  Thanks guys for your commitment.
  • It is great having a building.  I was able to program lights for each song.  Very cool not to be up against a time crunch. 
Have a good week...

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