Thursday, October 22, 2009

I want to go Deeper

There is a song that I learned early on in my journey with Jesus by a band named Delirious?.  The lyrics of the first line go "I wanna go deeper, but I don't know how to swim...".  I have thought about this subject over the last few weeks and decided to write about it.  Gonna be simple cause that is how I am.

The first step in going deeper, and I mean in the things of God, is learning how to swim.  If you don't have the basic fundamentals of swimming, you will drown.  Even exploring the deep things of God.  How many times have you met someone who just crossed the line of faith and they are confused because some more advanced believer started talking to them about the millennial reign of Christ, or the end times?  Or my personal favorite, the Nephilim. All great things to know, but can really overwhelm someone who is trying to stop looking at porn, get over a lifetime of addiction, or just wants to take the nest step on the journey.

I remember Navy dive school very clearly.  They didn't just stick us out on a dive boat and throw us in after we learned what the acronym SCUBA meant.  They didn't even let us put on gear until they knew we could float on our own (with your hands and feet tied).  Then when you got to put on your gear, you practiced in a pool with a bunch of instructors watching you to see if you were doing okay.  Then every once in a while, an instructor would dive from the surface an put you and your buddy into a "situation" to see how you would react. I am using the term "situation" very loosely here.  I never made it to the pool week due to asthma.  See they have to make sure you are ready.

So ya, I want to go deeper, but can I teach people how to swim first?  Can I swim myself?  Do I get so deep that I never come up?  I love that Jesus, who definitely was deep, keep it simple and on the surface for us.  I think each person should decide for themselves what deeper is, and then go there.  If you want to study Tozer, go for it.  I wouldn't spring that stuff on your small group of new believers.  It's a challenge to just get your head around John 1.

Thoughts and comments very welcomed....

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Cindy Vanous said...

wojo--I just read your blog today and I love the way you are so enthuasitic (spelt wrong I know) about the Lord. My husband and I have been walking in the Lords path for sometime now but yet we feel that we're new still on this path. I read your status all the time and we want to know how we can somehow go deeper as you said. we admire you and would love to hear your band--I've tried to find links but have not found one. would you be willing to "mentor" us from afar?--we live in Mich.