Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday downloads...

Ah yes, another week in the Kingdom. Lots of great stuff happened to me and to others. I hope you are being blessed, and more importantly, recognizing how you are being blessed. Here is the download.

  • Creative team meeting was off the hook. We meet on Mondays, and man did we get some Holy Ghost led work done. Excited about the next series "Jack".
  • Got to use Final Cut Pro for the first time. Yessss.
  • Made a 3D motion bumper for our video this week. My first.
  • Added 4 new lights to the Epic lighting rig, and man what a difference that made. Need 10 more.
  • Made the stage look bigger by creatively placing some Muslin sails and lighting them.
  • Carved our pumpkins and put them on the front porch. They won't shrivel up and die on us in a day out here in Alabama.
  • The Rain Stopped on Saturday!!!
  • Made a trip to Gulf Shores, AL with IV and Joshua on Friday.
  • Attended the wedding of Gary Wood and Jill Ferguson on Friday. It was on the beach, cold, but very nice wedding.
  • Returned to Decatur on Friday night after the wedding...that was a long drive.
  • Laughed so hard riding with IV and Josh while listening to a song called "Sic'em on a chicken" by Zak Brown Band.
  • I love serving with my friend IV. We definitely were meant to be in ministry together.
  • The Epic band is just a blessing. I am enjoying playing with them every week.
  • Justin Potter is the man...couldn't have pulled of the lighting with out him. IV and Justin were major help with the sails too.
  • Jean watched here first Friday Night Lights football game. She even got up and danced while the marching band played.
  • Had my first guitar student this week. I love teaching. Thanks Drew. Miss my students in Vegas too.
  • I am enjoying setting up at Crosspoint Community Church on Sunday mornings. I'm gonna have to blog on this one later.
  • Auburn keeps giving away W's. What is up with that?
  • I love the buzz about changing the service order. Good and bad, the last seven words of a dying organization are "We never did it that way before".
Good stuff for sure...

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