Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving and Tattoos

New things in the life of the Wojo family...Moving and Tattoos. Jean and I are excited about taking a new job with in Decatur, AL. I will be getting to serve the Kingdom with my friend IV Marsh. Never thought I'd get to see IV after he moved from Vegas, but now we will be working side by side. I'm gonna be leading worship, teaching some, and basically anything else my gifts might be needed for. Gonna miss Vegas, but it's time to go.

Tattoos. I have a bunch. I almost became a tattoo artist back in the early 90's, but ended up giving my stuff to my younger brother Pat. He actually opened a shop and has been tattooing ever since. You can see his blog at . Anyway, after deciding to move to Alabama, I was looking at some part time work I might want to do. So I decided to find a shop in Decatur that would take me as and apprentice, and start tattooing. I purchased a complete kit with 3 machines and all the stuff you need to get started. After some practice time on the practice skin, yes its call practice skin, I began tattooing myself. Here is my first one...

Not bad for my first one...of course it is a tribal and all black, but it gave me the "feel" for drawing with a tattoo machine. My second one was a little trickier, and I still need to add color, but came out fine.

I also did a little one on Jeans foot for her. I am really enjoying the art form and can't wait to start working in Decatur. Peace.

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