Sunday, August 23, 2009

7 Days

It's Sunday night and the house is real quiet. Jean is sleeping, so I thought I'd write a little.

I had a wonderful weekend filled with music, friends, food and good drink. Dangerous Hours
played at B Ryders Bar in Bakersfield, CA Friday night. The management was awesome and we got payed right away. Our hotel was comfy and they treated us like kings. Everyone was on it in the band, great moments for sure. The crowd roared for us between songs. They were amazed at how we were able to duplicate the DMB sound. I even had some people asked why we decided to tribute a band that is so amazing. We do it because they are amazing. Went to another place after the show to toast the band and relax. Good good times.

Saturday, after driving home, I just chilled and watched some movies with Jean and Cookie. I actually took a nap too. Jean and Cookie were packing boxes, so I just drifted off to sleep.

So today, Sunday, I went out to breakfast with the ladies, then played guitar at Denny Walkers Church, Dunimus. I'm sure I've spelled it wrong. We had a great hour or so of free flowing worship jammin. I miss that alot. Structure is good, but sometimes it feels good to just let the Holy Spirit lead you. Denny is a great guitar player and has a huge heart for worship. I will miss jamming with him.

So tonight is the last Sunday for me and Jean as residents of Las Vegas. So much has happened here over the last 12 years. I still love the fact that Jesus sought me out in Sin City, go figure. I will miss alot of people here. Some may not even know that I have left. I guess this is why you have facebook and myspace, right? I'll never forget the night I left for Michigan in 2002, not knowing if I would be coming back. Mars music had closed it's doors. I was living in a studio apartment. I was not in a relationship with anyone. It seemed right to move. But God wouldn't let me forget the work still to be done in Vegas for the Kingdom. I remember praying and God showing me faces of people who were in my life and I needed to love and witness to. I recall my mom thinking I was crazy for moving back when I had no job. But God in his mercy, opened doors for me that remain today. I was able to help open another music store, do some session work, work a show on the strip, and meet my wife to be Jean.

Since then I have fought with the thought of leaving Vegas. Jean used to tell me she wanted to move to New York, Hong Kong or even Australia. I would just laugh at the the thought. Never felt it was time. It's time now. I felt the release and acted upon it. Another door opened. I didn't see it at first, but knew it was right in the eyes of the Lord. I am at peace, hopeful for the future, and thankful for divine revelation. I will miss ICLV, Extreme Church, Red Rock Baptist and Grace Point. Each of these bodies helped shape me and prepare me for my next mission. Each one of these churches is as different as the people who attend them, but each is fulfilling the mission of God.

At the end of this week, Saturday, I will wave goodbye to the lights and faux decor of Vegas and drive over railroad pass, across our great nation and on to Decatur, Alabama. The lush green forests, the rich history, the best bass fishing around, and a whole new mission for the Kingdom. Our new home in the body of Christ, , has opened its arms to receive us. My good friend IV Marsh and his family; wife Bene, Garrett, Josh, and Ella, all the dogs and animals, are excited about us joining them in the work.

7 Days...

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