Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Monday

Had a great weekend hanging out with some old friends and new ones too. Friday night I went to see Rusted Root at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was cool to be able to sit on the faux beach and put my feet in the pool at a concert. Watched "Wolverine" on Saturday after a wonderful dinner at Shane's Rib Shack. Jean got ribs, I went with the pork sandwich. The movie was good, campy in some parts, but entertaining. I still use "I am Legend" as the standard of over-hyped, bad movies, so anything better than that, is a good movie. So Wolverine, was quite entertaining.

Two great services at Grace Point. Lots of lives being changed. Got two great bands that alternate each week. Great hearts and lots of talent. We have been having some great discussions about being authentic Christ followers. Anyway, great rockin' services, and wow, people were singing loud.

Went to a birthday party at Cilis located at Bali Hai golf course. Man, I would like to play a round on that course sometime. Very beautiful place. Stopped at Guitar Center to browse, which really means lusting, and checked out how technology is changing the way we make music. After GC, went to grill mass quantities of meat, at one of our GP drummers house. Jeremy Strawn is his name, drummin' and grillin' is his game. Lot's of laughs, good food, good drinks, played some game where you throw bean bags through a hole in the top of a board (i don't like the real name for that game). Jeremy has a wife named Jane and a 3 year old son named Jackson. Jackson was playing with the light saber app on my i phone, and actually was changing characters and sounds on his own. See, iPhones are so easy, a 3 yr old can run them.

Got home around 10ish. Long day, but great time with people.

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