Thursday, April 30, 2009


Lots of great things going on. Feeling like I am a part of God's great plan for humanity. I've been meeting lots of new people, followers and searchers. Getting up to speed on technology for the greater good of the Kingdom. Some one gave me an iPhone so that helps me stay up to speed, so to speak. Loving my wife deeper and more sincere each and every day as God moves in her. I see us always being partners in ministry and that really excites me. Looking forward to seeing Big Woj (the name bestowed on my son), this summer. I am watching the vision for Dangerous Hours unfold and continue to be an awesome tool for my mission.

I am giving attention to the gifts of the Spirit that I have neglected over the past few years. Only my fault as to not using them more. Its like having a real expensive guitar sitting in your closet, that you know how to play, but you settle for guitar hero instead because you're lazy.

I am taking time to see God in all of humanity. Redefining what it means to "be Jesus" in this world.

Just rambling here, which is what blogs are for.

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